Sunday, February 3, 2008


The rural folks may not be savvy with cell phones and computers, but college youths from the countryside in India are physically fitter than their city counterparts. And it must be assumed that this may be true for the other nations also.

An extensive survey study made by an Indian university covering 32000 students in 114 colleges has revealed that students from rural areas living in the pristine countryside, on healthy home grown food have over 50 percent less health problems like obesity, blurred vision, dental decay and high blood pressure than the city bred college goers.


Anemia caused by iron deficiency is the only problem plaguing village girls. If the urban youth is struggling with obesity, flab is hardly a bother with the rural. Village youths say they owe it all to the pure, unpolluted air they breathe and the natural healthy food they eat.

Here the subjects revealed that they usually use the neem sticks to brush their teeth.

They do not eat the junk food.

The rural students commented during the study that their friends from urban areas are not physically very strong and get tired easily.

The study concluded that village boys and girls are brought up on a healthy diet of pure milk and unadulterated pulses and grains since childhood, which contributes to their good health.

In cities, most youngsters’ start eating junk food at a very early childhood age, spoiling their health, stress is more in urban areas.

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