Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Britney Spears is being held in a padded room after the troubled singer hit an all-time low over the weekend. The “Toxic” singer suffered a meltdown after being told on Feb 3 that she was to be locked in a psychiatric ward for another two weeks, claim sources.

Experts say that medics might even have to resort to using bed restraints or injections to calm the ranting star.

Britney’s parents Lynne, 52, and Jamie, 55, are said to be worried by their daughter’s bizarre behavior.

And doctors are trying their best to normalcy after a string of public incidents saw her classified as “gravely disabled “last week.

Meanwhile the singer “hit the roof “when estranged dad Jamie was appointed guardian of all her financial, legal and medical affairs while she is in hospital.

The singer, who has been feuding with her father for years, wants her lawyers to get the decision reversed. “This is war. Britney is furious hat while she is sick in hospital; the first thing her dad does is to court to get control of her money. “

The Sun quoted a source, as saying “She has a business manager for that. She says she doesn’t trust her dad and just wants him to keep out of her business. “Britney has been having screaming rows with her parents at the hospitals. She hit the roof when she found out Jamie had been handed control of her affairs. “She wants her parents’ love and support but doesn’t want them to intervene where they are not needed,” the source added.

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