Friday, February 29, 2008


It is hard to imagine Posh Spice got a cyst scare as she strikes a cucumber cool pose here. The condition is on the rise as more and more women hit the fast lane and take to stress as a way of life.

The problem has not spared even Nicole Kidman or closer home Sapna Bhavnani, author and celebrity hairdresser.

If you are a woman, irrespective of whether or not you are in your child-bearing years, you could be at risk of an ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cysts are essentially closed fluid-filled sacs that develop on one of both ovaries. A sac or follicle forms on the surface of a woman’s ovary during ovulation. This sac holds a maturing egg and dissolves away when the egg is released during the monthly menstrual cycle.

Sometimes, however, the egg is not released and the sac gets enlarged and a cyst develops.

But, if you have just ben diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, do not press, the panic button and assume that all cysts are malignant and life-threatening. In most cases, ovarian cysts are completely benign.

Cysts may often be accompanied by problems such as frequent stomach upsets. In rare cases, a cyst goes undetected till torsion occurs or where a cysts bursts; there is usually sharp and often unbearable pain, which may be accompanied by vomiting- medical emergencies which warrant surgery.

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