Saturday, March 1, 2008


Leapfrogging is not only an interesting game in which youngsters indulge but it can be also an effective strategy in overcoming problems.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai pointed out in the context of technology, India being a late comer in many areas of technology, had had an advantage because India can leapfrog through the intermediate stages of technology.

In telecommunications, for example, we have witnessed this advantage of leapfrogging. For hundred years wireline technology dominated the scene now.

India had a telephone density of one telephone per 100 persons of the population as late as 1990.

But it recent times India is touching 24 for 100 people.

This has been mainly due to the liberal policies of the government, giving opportunities to the private and also the explosive growth of new wireless communication technology. Unlike United States and other developed countries, India does not have to worry about the sunk costs of the wireline infrastructure on the ground. India can adopt wireless with a clean conscience.

In face, leapfrogging is nothing but eliminating a stage or stages in any process.

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