Monday, March 10, 2008


When you look into the mirror, what is it on your face that you would like to get rid of ? is it the wrinkles, the dark circles under the eyes, the pores on your cheeks, the double chin, or your complex ion….? What takes a lot of makeup to hide, or maybe even cosmetic surgery, now finds a cure in acupuncture it seems and all this without pinching your pocket too much.

People usually got for acupuncture treatment to get rid of diabetes, psoriasis, reducing pain and anxiety, but now acupuncture is also proving to be wonderful solution to make you look beautiful as well.

No wonder acupuncture clinics catering to beauty treatment are mushrooming all over the world, although fewer compared to beauty parlors and allopathic clinics, believers in this therapy are on the rise.

Clients for acupuncture include career-oriented women, who want to look good, in short time.

However, there is also another view, blemishes and wrinkles are caused because of many factors such as over-exposure to the sun, pollution, etc. acupuncture can cure only underlying problems relating to the senses and nerves. Such cosmetic problems can be treated only through chemical peeling or high-end lasers.

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