Friday, March 14, 2008


A US company has demonstrated a ‘voiceless ‘ phone call, using a neckband that translates thought into speech by picking up nerve signals.
Ambient Corporation claims that any person can use the new device- called Audeo – to send nerve signals to their vocal cords without having speak.
Michael, Calahan, one of the founders of the company, says that the signals picked up by the neckband are relayed wirelessly to a computer that converts them into words spoken by a computerized voice.
A user only needs some careful training on how to use the device, he says.
With the new system, the first public voiceless phone call was made on stage at a recent conference, held by imcrochip manufacturer Texas Instruments.
Callahan says that the Audeo’s ability to voice people’s inner thoughts need not worry them. He says that a user has to think specifically about voicing words in order for them to be picked up by the equipment.
Callahan also said that the Audeo is the same system that had previously been used to let people control wheelchairs using their thoughts.
He added that the new system might be beneficial for those who do not want to be overheard while making a private call, and also for those who have lost the ability to speak.

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