Sunday, March 9, 2008


Nothing will prepare the tourists for luscious, multi-layered, luminous Kong, with its luxuriant old world charm, neon-sparkled sharp skyscrapers, amazing restaurants, fascinating sights, and a surfeit of shopping that would tire even the most ardent retail addict.But if you think Hong Kong’s hype is only about stacking your wallet and taking a dizzy, tizzy mall crawl through a city that seems to spawn unending crops of shops, thing again !

The real magic of Hong Kong’s stunning natural beauty has to be experienced – juxtaposed, rather jumpily, with urban aggression from wild hillsides, tower blocks spring into view! The city offers varied scenery: rugged peaks, coastal walks, and secluded beaches.

Unknown to one, until visited, nearly two-thirds of Hong Kong is farmland or countryside. Additionally, an incredible 40 percent of the territory has been officially conserved and protected through country and marine parks. The ecological and natural environment in and around Hong Kong is surprisingly diverse.

Bang in the middle of the buzzing business district and commercial hub of Central, is this soothing public park, very modern in design, but verdant with natural wonder. This glamorous Hong Kong hotspot is better known for its bustling dim sum dinner, designer boutiques and lovely stores like the iconic Shanghai Tang with its flagship boutique at 12 Peddar Street, from where tourists buy ‘ Chairman Mao ‘ ashtrays. Central is also home to Charter Road, the bastion of A-list luxury. And, then, there is the discovery of a superlative sanctuary in the Hong Kong Park, sprawled across eight hectares. Water has been turned into thematic feature here, running through the Park by way of streams and waterfalls off artificial rock cliffs.

So, Hong Kong is not only the place for shoppes, it is also a place for wanderers.

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